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Jan 7th, 2014 | By | Category: Buzz

By Roy Avila on Jan 7, 2014

It’s not often we get experienced advice with no strings attached and at no cost. And it’s even better accomplished in a friendly low key environment. For January and February, I will be visiting my current and former project clients. I would enjoy the opportunity to sit down with you. This friendly visit will be to see if I may answer any of your Technology and Business operation questions.

Even though every company hires a technology person or even a business consultant, a company decision maker, like a CEO, CFO, CIO or COO can always use a non-biased opinion on their company’s technology direction. Is the status quo working or should some discussion happen around possible new directions?itlnowimg05

Starting the New Year on the right path by acquiring updated knowledge in the technology arena and looking beyond the daily ‘to do’ list is vital for every CEO, CFO, CIO or COO to handle their business responsibilities. A clear path is the way to a successful future. This time with me would be a great chance to learn more about how to keep your business on a forward path or at the very least ensure technology updates are completed correctly with Best Business Practice Rules.

What if only an hour of consultation from an expert in your line of business was enough to help you stand out from your competition? The best single way to know that is by talking to the right people who have taken the time to know your industry over the years. An hour of consultation may be the key component to help you capitalize on the good practices of things past, which in turn you may use to implement strategies for success in things to come. Adapting and then implementing strategies that work are the simple keys to continued success in your business.

In an effort to help in that area, for a limited opportunity, I am offering one hour of my time to sit with you at no charge to answer any questions about your industry and how technology becomes an advantage instead of a burden.  I want to give you the advantage of maximizing your future profits and minimizing your costs.  The best way I can help is to offer you an hour of my time at No Cost.

You can reach me via cell phone (401-447-5249) to set up an appointment for me to visit your business.

My Profile:

I have been a longtime advocate of assisting small to medium-sized businesses implement sound Best Business Practice Rules.

“With 30-plus years” of IT Logistics with industries such as; Fortune 1000 companies, educational institutions, and municipalities. ITLNOW’s tested approach focuses on solving business problems first by providing a full spectrum of CaaS, and SaaS products, and services.

My mission is to enable my clientele to gain self-confidence by educating people how to best approach, search and understand technology as it relates to their specific needs and requirements. As a company, our mission is to optimize the business process to provide competitive advantages.

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