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ITLNOW, Inc. celebrates 10 years of business success by providing cost-effective solutions for small to midsize businesses with streamlined business processes.  The concept of NOW was created back in 2001 with a business model that allowed an organization to utilize the latest technology quickly. ITLNOW, Inc. offers a wide range of solutions that most companies can’t deliver, or can deliver but at a cost way beyond their financial means.

Over the past 10 years, ITLNOW, Inc. has provided these cost-effective solutions to many industries such as nonprofit, accounting, finance, banking, government, legal, and healthcare organizations. Streamlining of business processes is most often requested for Human Resources, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Sales, Invoicing, Inventory, Shipping, Compliance, Payroll, Receiving, Tracking, Administrative, and Warehousing.

“Our time-tested approach focuses on solving business problems first,” states Roy Avila, president of ITLNOW, Inc.


When ITLNOW, Inc. first started to provide Information Technology Services solutions for small to midsize businesses, the most successful IT solutions were designed for large businesses. These business solutions were very costly, requiring the customer to purchase expensive hardware (like File, Print, Mail, Security and Application servers), and customized software like Scanning and Imaging, Document Management, Customer Relationship Management, SharePoint, Internet Security, or Accounting software. ITLNOW recognized that we could help in the small and midsize area where the customary solutions were too pricey, unwieldy, or inefficient.

Creating one-of-a-kind customized software is time-consuming and very expensive. Coupling this with the need for even more hardware, small to midsize businesses were left either to over-spend or go without streamlined business processes. Unfortunately, the practice of buying more technology for a temporary fix, instead of acquiring knowledge of needs and technology requirements, is still being used when there is a lack of understanding a company’s technology direction.


Technology solutions for small to midsize businesses are now available at over 65 percent savings as compared to the traditional IT solutions of the past. With the Internet offering off-the-shelf technology and coupled with Cloud computing, SaaS (Software as a Service) has the capability of mimicking manual processes by using automation. This has given us the ability to provide small to midsize businesses the opportunity to streamline their business process and gain more financial control of their business operations.

“Our primary goal is providing innovative business solutions for our clients, which helps them save time and money, and gain flexibility in this ever-changing, fast-paced business environment,” further states Avila.

ITLNOW’s approach to solving business process issues requires less hardware, less software and less cost, and yet still provides 24-hour/7-day-a-week support. This approach uses existing technology the right way to maximize its effectiveness.

ITLNOW’s team has 30-plus years of combined IT, Better Business Practice, Compliance, Communication and Record Management leadership experience. Today, we provide a full spectrum of in-house solutions with both CaaS (computers as a service) and SaaS (software as a service) products and services.


As an organization made up of individual personalities and unique skills, each one of us is committed to providing you with the best possible customer experience. As a company, our mission is to optimize our clients’ business process infrastructure to give them a competitive advantage.

“We mimic your manual way of performing tasks and automate them by streamlining your processes with technology.”

Business Process + Technology + Professional Implementation = Satisfied Client.


2011 | Packaged for small businesses a true SaaS IT infrastructure with better business practices 24/7, 365 at 30% of IT costs.“Outsourcing, managed the way your company works”

2010 | Published our ITLNOW eMagazine. Our mission is to enable you, the reader, to reach a competitive edge by providing valuable ways on how to best approach, search, and understand technology as it relates to specific criteria or need.

2009 | Took on the Massachusetts Data Privacy Protection Regulation Requirement challenge by publishing and distributing The Essential Guide for 201 CMR 17.00 Compliance, authored by Joe Burns.

2008 | Provided International satellite offices remote IT services. Provided off-site workstation, server, and software maintenance support utilizing available technology tools to provide remote services.

2007 | Integrated the first SaaS-Software as a Service products (Exchange, SharePoint, and Backup and Recovery). Created the Personal 10 Steps to PC/Laptop Success.

2006 | Established the 50th customer providing BRD – Business Requirement Document (needs and requirement document). Conducted feasibility studies, technology assessments, cost/benefit analysis, business requirements, and functional specifications.

2005 | Designed and created the first Scan-To-File solution using out-of-the-box technology. Internet-based archive service for consolidating electronic records.

2004 | Provided off-site imaging and document management solutions to regional mental health and municipal facilities. “Digital Imaging can simultaneously decrease costs and business risks and increase profits and production.”

2003 | Led one of the first true online SaaS-Software as a Service Document Management Solution and contributed to the HIPAA compliance. We provided document imaging and document management software for in-house imaging systems utilizing Microsoft SharePoint1.0.

2002 | Rolled out a Virtual Scanning Service, off-site indexing, and quality assurance. The Power of Document Imaging and Content Management….NOW – scan, index and electronically store paper files for those wishing to outsource their filing needs.

2001 | Created the first true IT remote satellite Virtual Company with traditional Better Business Practices. We delivered strategic and creative design services to any size companies that contemplated entering or repositioning themselves within the online economy. We represented many leading ASPs – application service providers — who survived the 2000 bust.

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