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Thank You Everyone For A Wonderful 2012

Dec 21st, 2012 | By | Category: Digital, Tracking Fast Fact

I would like to thank all of you for being part of our journey.  We have accomplished so much in the year 2012!


It’s refreshing to see how many of you have discovered the various advantages of technology available, and have used it to excel in your businesses. I take joy in the impeccable timing of this discovery, since the opportunity for success is greater today than ever before. ITLNOW has been there for you all along, and now is committed to main stream with your demands going forward. We plan on focusing on what you need for your business, how you want to conduct your business, and more importantly, how you feel about the method of your success. So, as I like to say, imagine it, and ITLNOW will create it.


Here are few accomplishments for 2012.


January Accounting as SaaS goes main stream
Marketing 1 on 1 offered by ITLNOW
February Promotes every business should have a shopping cart
iPhone PBX services goes mainstream, Plug and Talk
March First Marketing Agency Project take-off
ITLNOW expands its on-line product lines
April ITLNOW publishes its first Digital Brochure with use the use of colors
Marketing, thinking outside the box with fresh new ideas and styles
May Brought Digital Marketing to different heights utilizing old style methods
Created a digital performance index with accountability
June Converted our last customer using SaaS – Software as a Service
Provided proven and tested training resources
July Broke the 100th mark on articles written on
Provided insight on how inbound marketing changed for small businesses
August Discovered and proved how Google Adwords is not for every business
Discovered how Search Engine Optimization is not just for robots actually is for how people read
September Discovered that Internet preying eyes are not just for advertisers
Sourced a proven track process for Social Media with results
October Google went family friendly with its search engine
Promoted secured websites with industry-standards
November ITLNOW reviewed and studied the TOP 7 social media offerings
Developed a technique to promote, market and sell any product online
December Published a Quick Review on H R 4872 Health Care and Education Reconciliation Act of 2010
Finally Apple has to learn how to catch up with technology, Windows 8 already there

Year 2013 A powerful up and coming year: 


Health Care Reform
Health and Fitness Professionals
Health Practitioners
Redesigning the Doctor Office
Centralized Billing Practices
Health Law Practices

Roy Avila

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