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1501509_680571161986906_270407209_oRoy Avila, CEO, ITLNOW, Inc. has been a longtime advocate of small to medium-sized businesses implementing sound best business practice rules.

ITLNOW has been providing business system solutions to many companies in many industries such as accounting, finance, banking, government, legal and healthcare firms. Our time-tested approach focuses on solving business problems first.

Our team has 30 plus years of combined IT, Communication and Record Management leadership experience with industries such as Fortune 1000 companies, Educational Institutions, and Municipalities. Our time-tested approach focuses on solving business problems first. Today, we provide a full spectrum of in-house solutions and CaaS and SaaS products and services.

President and CEO, – Roy Avila, has established International Business Alliances by using strategic outsourcing, technical consulting and professional services engagements utilizing the power of the Internet.

Our mission is to enable the reader to have the self-confidence to tackle technology head-on by educating how to best approach, search and understand technology as it relates to specific needs and requirements. As a company, our mission is to optimize the business process to provide competitive advantages.

“Business Process + Technology + Professional Implementation = Satisfied Client”

Great news, the ITLNOW online magazine, published in late 2010, brings you information in an exciting brand new way! This magazine will cause many reactions such as “wow”, “you gotta be kidding me”, “I didn’t know that” or even “hmm”. I promise you this. Consumers and contributors alike will experience something totally different.

What will make ITLNOW’s magazine attractive to online readers? For almost three decades, I have consulted with consumers and businesses about products ranging from Radio Shack TRS 80 (aka the trash 80) to the APPLE iPad; from developing websites beginning in 1994 to the present time, and how to use social media at its best. In my humble opinion, few such as myself have been involved in researching as many business concepts, experiencing the small to medium business needs and requirements, and addressing the home computer user’s desires as I have. I believe this magazine will be one of the best ways to advise consumers and businesses so that they are prepared before purchasing a piece of technology or starting to understand a product or service that is related to technology.


It’s often said that people’s emotions are as changeable as the weather. Add to that, the fact that the media play a role in what we eat, drink, drive, wear, and mix in the advances in technology that have entered every part, of how we live. It’s often said that people’s emotions are as changeable as the weather. Add to that, the fact that the media play a role in what we eat, drink, drive, wear, and mix in the advances in technology that have entered every part of how we live. The national average of the life cycle for technology products and services changes every 256 days. Today more than ever, the consumer has the ability to manage and understand their technology products and services. Our readers will have the knowledge to better understand the selecting process of buying hardware  and software. Knowledge is power as we all know and it will allow all of us to experience the best of ownership.

ITLNOW’s magazine is a different approach to how the media favor its message and impose on us and how we should hear the information with the use of technology.  Our concept for this magazine is to provide a technology perspective on current events and how that technology perspective impacts us on a daily basis. I have chosen various categories to discuss, such as economy, entertainment, fashion, finance, gaming, government, and lifestyle. Hopefully, myths will be dispelled and the truth illustrated on why and how we use technology. We have enlisted a few experienced writers who have a passion not just for technology, but how it has changed and should be changed to educate the public in a different light. We know consumers are often frustrated with technology. ITLNOW’s online magazine will give them away to learn and be delighted with a new, fun and fresh approach.

If you are interested in writing timely, short articles, or bullet points to showcase your thoughts and ideas than this is an opportunity share your knowledge. Please email back, indicating your interest. (Remember, at this time, you are volunteering your ideas.) The next step is to email me a short write-up on your background as it would relate to being an editor/writer. The final step would be for you to review and sign our agreement to release and hold you harmless. Furthermore, I need a great photo of you.

You’ll need to pick a category that you have a passion about and write the article on how it relates to technology. Please keep the article to 650 – 1000 characters.

Hopefully, ITLNOW’s online magazine interests you enough to give it a shot, to be heard, and for you see how you can reach out and embrace the Internet’s readers.

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