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Unlimited showroom space

Oct 19th, 2016 | By | Category: Economy

Virtual Merchandise Showrooms

Scene7 has the tools to transform how a company sells its merchandise by tapping the Adobe Scene a central repository to manage your assets and dynamically size and deliver thousands of images, including imagery, and videos. Now, your company can show details of its entire collection via a computer or handheld device, making it possible for its agents to display entire selections without a physical sample of every item.

Additionally, your company can deliver these benefits with Scene7:

  • Significantly reduced manufacturing costs, with fewer samples to produce
  • Extended reach into new geographic markets with an interactive site that enables agents to display and sell collections without physical samples
  • Increased flexibility and agility, thanks to the ability to put virtual merchandise collections in the hands of agents swiftly
  • Improved asset management and distribution through a centralized repository and portal accessible by internal staff and agents
  • Delivered a higher level of service to retail buyers, by providing rich, engaging presentations of complete merchandise collections

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