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The ITLNOW method is to analyze and document your current business processes. The goal is to take your existing manual and automated functions and create a blueprint that will mirror what you do now and streamline your systems in an electronic systematized way. This blueprint clearly documents all business data, including workflow, current problems, anticipated risks, and required performance metrics. It uses proven methodologies to ensure that the documentation conform to your requirements.

  • We identify existing processes by involving the staff/users. Gather and document all business processes department by the department. We begin the business requirements process with staff that is the first point of contact all the way through to the top management for your company. We work to build trust and establish credibility from the first meeting so you can maintain staff support throughout the project. Learn the individual personality traits of your employees in order to help them better manage their procedures during the requirements’ phase of the project.
  • Develop a clear understanding of business processes. This will ensure that the subsequent business requirements’ document address problems, issues, concerns and wish lists are met. Conduct interview key people who head the department/activity or task within a department or function/task of the business process.
  • Ease of use is an ITLNOW goal. Ease of use facilitates acceptance by users and assures speedy implementation and deployment.
  • Improve overall information management and increase employee effectiveness
  • Identify potential privacy and security issues early on so these problems can be mitigated to a level which satisfies the users whom these risks have been managed properly. This helps to build trust and ensures that users remain committed to policies.
  • Make a concerted effort to identify and document all risks, the impact of these risks on the project’s costs and timetable. This will avoid unexpected project delays as well as help controlled runaway costs.
  • Conduct one-on-one meetings to ensure that all business requirements, risks and concerns are identified. Gather and document the tool sets and technologies available for the business operations.
  • Collectively gather the issues, comments, concerns and wish lists from the workforce. Gather all information and merge business processes with existing and alternative technologies to enhance the business process.
  • Analyze needs and equip you with the knowledge to prepare you to find the best fit business applications for your business.
  • Present a completed Business Requirements Document to key stakeholders for preliminary review and tentative approval.
  • Save You Money

ITLNOW helps you better understand the people, knowledge and conditions that drive your business, system requirements and benefits for implementing specific business applications. We conduct interviews with key people from the first contact who may include e-mail, Mailroom to the back-office in the accounting department. This additional interview process helps you recognize the needs for digitizing and managing records, files and any type of documents, whether paper or electronic. Areas of exploration include the following:

  • What are the goals and objectives of this project? What is the best possible outcome? What are the benefits of doing this project? Is there a perceived Return on Investment, i.e. does it pay for itself? (A financial analysis is available at an additional cost.)
  • What are the existing issues with your current process? (lost revenue, customer dissatisfaction, missing documents, legal issues, disaster recovery, paper-bound process)
  • What is it costing the company today to support this process?
  • How many people and departments support this application?
  • How can it be improved?

ITLNOW will identify and assess the key documents involved in each department’s business process:

ITLNOW will provide with a clear set of alternative recommendations and costs for the following:

  • Assess business dependencies, interview key named personnel and their functions to add efficiency and security awareness
  • Selection and implementation of the best fit for imaging, document management, workflow, and collaboration solutions
  • Digitization of active file documents, on a back-file and/or a go-forward basis
  • Design and implement operational procedures for existing company files
  • Streamline operations by eliminating data redundancies, improve current data management/data structure for more efficient utilization and support growth without cutting corners
  • We optimize servers by consolidating, using vitalization, Cloud Computing or SaaS (software as a service), technology investments that make sense now and for the future
  • Streamline backup, archiving and disaster recovery, while preserving business continuity
  • We address technology impact, technology independencies, and technology risks
  • Identify performance requirements, operational needs, automate compliance, legal business and other business processes.
  • Identify security requirements, data encryption, and business risks
  • Identifing additional areas for future management consideration

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