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SharePoint 2010 Basic Camp

Nov 2nd, 2011 | By | Category: eLearning, Microsoft Stuff

Thinking of making the switch to SharePoint 2010, the basic training needed for the user interface.

A business owner really owes it to themselves to see how SharePoint 2010 works. I’m not talking about the look and feel. These videos will illustrate two things; how SharePoint 2010 has evolved and how easy it is working with all sorts of types of items and lists, for example; document management, collaboration, workflow, scheduling, revision, Microsoft Office products and databases. Some of you might say that you only have specific needs and requirements with certain tools, well that would be the beauty of SharePoint, you can make it just the way you want it for each and everyone or project(s).

I personally recommend and ask that you review the videos. Our viewers know how much we do NOT like dog and pony shows which these are NOT. It’s really a product and/or service that might just fit your needs and requirements. At least, you’ll get some great knowledge on what to look for in other products and present you with a comparison for evaluating others.

Introduction (8:37)

The ribbon (12:31)

Working with libraries (8:27)

View files in your browser (4:14)

Working with lists (7:14)

Creating and editing a new page (10:02)

Create a sub-site (6:5

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