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Social Media Best Practices Rules

Aug 1st, 2012 | By | Category: eMarketing News

Social media use is maturing; once a playground on the peripherals of the internet, now this space has become an important hub for business. 

There is a tendency amongst businesses and organizations seeking to engage in social media (or those who already are) to dive right in without any thought to collaboration, security, engagement or measurement of their efforts.

Set an Internal Policy
A solid internal policy by which to govern and guide external communication. Set up your team by attributing the appropriate responsibility levels to the right team members, starting by giving account ownership to a reliable stakeholder in the company. This will ensure that teams can streamline monitoring and outreach efforts while maintaining control and security over valuable social profiles.

Integrate Across Teams
Not every question can be handled by PR, but perhaps some are ideal for support, HR, sales or marketing.

Define an Objectives and Measure a Benchmark
Social media as a part of your overall structure, rather than expecting it to function as a department in isolation. Be Interesting. What goals are you trying to achieve as an organization? Define the objective for your social media use, and establish a benchmark from which to measure from the outset – number of sign-ups, sales, support tickets filed, etc. – and measure against it to understand the strengths and weaknesses of your social media activities.

Listen to Everything
Take part in the conversation. This requires that you first listen to what’s being said. There are hundreds social networks and millions of messages sent daily1, so wading through the noise to tune into relevant messages becomes an important task. Very few people use your @name or reference your brand directly, so Search capabilities become incredibly useful and efficient. Set up and save search streams for keyword search: brand names, competitor names, executive names, product names, campaign titles, campaign hashtags, etc. Everything.

Know Your Audience, Measure From Click to Conversion
The measure, track, listen and engage, you’ll be able to look at which tweets, posts, and updates are most successful. So what type of messaging does your audience like to see? What time of day are they most active? Which day of the week?

As of today, Hootsuite is one of the best tools for any business, apply it.   HootSuite social media dashboard helps teams spread messages, monitor conversations and measure results across multiple social networks including Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Credits to Hootsuite

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