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The advantages Of Social Media Web-based Statistics Programs

Aug 1st, 2012 | By | Category: eMarketing News

The advantages of the third party social media web-based Statistics programs for the most current popular media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Facebook Pages, LinkedIn, WordPress, MySpace, Foursquare and Google Analytics.

Here are four kinds of statistics:

  1. Summary
  2. Individual Message
  3. Site Analytics (Google Analytics integration)
  4. Facebook Insight

Do I Need Social Media Statistics?
Have you ever wondered how many people click on the blog link that you embedded in a tweet? How many Likes? Has someone you respect retweeted your efforts? Do you track how often you get mentioned? Folks may be reaching out, trying to hold a conversation with you, or talking about you, your brand, or your business. And that is something you definitely ought to monitor. These are just some of the reasons.

Learning and Understanding the Basics of Statistics
This process involves three distinct steps:

  • Predict – What is your plan and how will statistics be used in it? For example, share useful headlines with a link to your website, then measuring how many clicks.
  • Test – Execute your plan in a way that the statistics tool can be helpful.
    For example: If you plan to measure clicks on hyperlinks, then it is important that each time you tweet, you include a hyperlink and that you use because this is the only link that the Statistics function tracks.
  • Validate – Measure the results of your plan, and see what statistics might provide clues in the next leg of the journey.
    Example: At the end of a month, you found that the results didn’t measure up as you expected. Looking back at your statistics can show overall trends and reveal where the conversation broke down or when the clicks stopped.

Other Considerations
Do people read you blog by clicking on the link in your tweet, or do they subscribe to your RSS feed instead?
Are you counting the number of clicks in messages that you retweet?
Some people will retweet a message and then edit it (add to it) to answer an embedded question or comment.
Are you counting @replies as mentions?

How to use HootSuite Statistics
HootSuite has changed the tool, but the information is relevant.

Very Good Training for Hootsuite

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Hootsuite Part 4.wmv

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