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How to become President

Aug 20th, 2010 | By | Category: Politics

If only our candidates for president looked at the way social media have impacted the world, the next presidential candidates should be going back to school. Anyone who is serious about taking on the needs of our country should embrace technology like never before.

Where can a person run for a position and get the following, backing and votes needed to earn the chance for leadership?

Not only will this be the avenue to reach the masses but the way to maximize productivity and lead by example. The business world spends billions on technology to take the lead in their industries, why shouldn’t the future President, just revisit what President Obama did to help himself with his campaign? Although the secret is out, the next round will use experts to help the candidates.

Here’s a list of important items for the masses:

  • The image and brand for the next President should be recognized as a leader of power, born in the US, and have a solid American background and understanding of social media.
  • Display an image of  all American, true to the red, white and blue with global knowledge of the issues that Americans need and want (via surveys).
  • Know the art of eating, there isn’t any room for gluttony. That person needs a fit body and mind to be as healthy and vigorous for the media to promote.
  • To use common sense that is as easy as one is successful, and they must lead by example.
  • Everyone today seems to have a grip for the need of technology. It’s a shame that there isn’t a prerequisite for the leaders of the world. It’s extremely important for the job as the President, too much is at stake. Their efforts would identify him/her with a popular national issue.
  • By representing themselves as a leader they would be appointed by preferably the electorate, which would decide whether or not, to make them a candidate.

Don’t want to be president, help by voicing your option on issues that affect you locally. Write to us and let your voice be heard.

By Roy Avila, ITLNOW

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