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Imagine attending High School and graduating with an Associate’s Degree?

Sep 16th, 2015 | By | Category: Schools

One of the best Article written on P-Tech. Diffidently worth a read.

U.S. Secretary of Education Duncan Visits P-TECH School in NYCpeopstren_10793684_XS-150x150_1

“This country should be doing everything in its power to give more kids the chance to go to schools like this one.”

Barack Obama, president, during a visit to P-TECH in Brooklyn, New York, in October 2013

President Obama at P-TECH

Education is an essential foundation of thriving communities. But it must do more than educate. It must arm students with critical skills and prepare them for life’s complexities, as well as workplace opportunities.

P-Tech Pathways in Technology Early College High School

The STEM Pathways to College and Careers School Guide

STEM Pathways  to College and  Careers Schools

Published on: Sep 16, 2015

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