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TV, Cable, personal devices, play together will you?

Aug 19th, 2010 | By | Category: Entertainment

The need to have to choose ONE a cable, satellite, cell phone, or device service provider is NOW a choice of the past. We often feel frustrated by the lack of choices, lengthy contracts, and high prices. Most people watch a lot of television, today the options are endless.  Allow me to explain.

We all know now that we can watch HDTV with an antenna and do not need the exclusive provider. These options open the doors to lots of choices. We also have experienced that not all shows are transmitted in HD, and our cell phone drops a lot of calls and possibly has a poor quality of reception.

Here comes the Internet, you can view most everything the opportunities are endless, TV, phone calls, music, shows, and movies to name a few.

If you have a connection to the internet you have total access to partial free options, meaning you might have to bear with an AD or two, but if choices are what you’re after, they are endless. There is also a one time fee for unlimited choice of programming that you can purchase without contracts and get exactly what you want.

This article is not about promoting one service or program, but to offer you the awareness to the options. The interactive nature of the web allows for an engaging, social experience and ultimately, a more enjoyable setting.

Premium shows like the ones on HBO, Cinemax, Starz and certain television series are now available individually from your favorite online stores, or for one price you can watch all. In order to get streaming video from your computer to your television, all you need is a notebook laptop, computer, or a handheld device. You can use devices like an iPad with a video out matches like, VGA, HMDI, DVI or s-video, the best being HMDI. Remember the device doesn’t need to cost more than $350, plus the cable to connect to the television and internet bandwidth is three times faster than DIALUP. Your favorite online, local store or even better the manufacturer of the TV, just drop them a line and ask, “which connection do I use that is optimal to connect my computer or device?”. There is also always the “media streaming” box. Like the cable box, you’ll be ditching. These connect to your TV and allow you to watch programming you wouldn’t otherwise be able to see. The big difference is you can watch free and paid internet content. Depending on the box, you’ll be able to stream video from Netflix, Amazon,, Hulu, and YouTube, audio from internet radio stations, Pandora, and, and watch movies or look at photos that have been stored on your home PC. Think of media streaming boxes as mini-computers for your TV.

The average bill ranges from $75 to $150.00, If you break that down, you can save some serious money and get to see and hear your favorite programming, and talk as long as you want when you want.

Key words to find your favorite programming:

  • Live sports programming
  • Premium shows HBO, Cinemax, Starz
  • Free television series
  • $50 Unlimited Voice, Data Prepaid Cell Phone Plan

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