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Sep 7th, 2010 | By | Category: News

Great news, the ITLNOW online magazine, also known as webzines, ezine, zine, cyberzine or hyperzine, is published.   ITLNOW brings you information in an exciting brand new way! I expect this magazine to cause many reactions such as “wow”, “you gotta be kidding me”, “I didn’t know that” or even “hmm”. This much I can promise – consumers and contributors alike will experience something totally different.

What makes ITLNOW’s magazine attractive to online readers? For almost three decades, I have consulted with retail personal and businesses consumers about products ranging from Radio Shack TRS 80 (aka the trash 80) to the APPLE iPad; from developing websites beginning in 1994 to the present time; and how to use social media at its best. In my humble opinion, few such as myself have been involved in researching as many business concepts, experiencing the small to medium business needs and requirements, and addressing the home computer users desires as I have. I believe this magazine is one of the best ways to advise consumers and businesses so that they are prepared before purchasing a piece of technology or starting to understand a product or service that is related to technology.


It’s often said that peoples emotions are as changeable as the weather. Add to that, the fact that the media plays a role in what we eat, drink, drive, wear, and mix in the advances in technology that have entered every part of how we live. The national average of the life cycle for technology products and services changes every 256 days. Today more than ever, the time when the consumer has the ability to manage and understand the full spectrum of technology, they will then gain the knowledge to select and understand their equipment and software. Knowledge is power as we all know and it will allow all of us to experience and utilize the technology we own.

As some of you already know, ITLNOW is still more than ever all about “NOW”.  Since 2001, we have shifted from the traditional in-house focus to  outsourcing any and all technology. Today this concept may first appear to be more fashionable for some integrators and service providers. However, more and more small business customers are experiencing BIG savings and stream-lining their personal and business processes along with increasing productivity without expensive price tags.

For the last two years, ITLNOW has moved 90% of its customers to SaaS products and services. We have chosen this direction after carefully working with and by testing main stream applications like Exchange, File, Print and SharePoint service leaders in the industry, to name a few.  Keep in mind most of the leaders in the SaaS market have taken a gamble and may experience immediate losses to their bottom line in an attempt to assist smaller companies stay competitive with the ever-changing demands from technology needs and requirements. We are more than excited nowadays about ASP, best known as SaaS, than at any other time. The reason is SaaS provides greater efficiency than a full-time/part-time technical staff configuring and supporting applications and maintenance.

Until NOW, ITLNOW had to sit with every potential prospect and educate the consumer about the changes in technology. What is SaaS and CaaS, how does it effect ME? So this brings us to the question-another magazine? No, a company doing business differently, the way that technology is designed and delivered.

ITLNOW’s magazine is a different approach on how the media presents and exploits us and how we should hear the information with the use of technology.  Our concept for this magazine is to provide a technology perspective on current events and how that technology perspective impacts us on a daily basis.  I have chosen various categories to discuss; here are a few: economy, entertainment, fashion, finance, gaming, government, and lifestyle. Hopefully, myths will be dispelled and the truth illustrated on why and how we use technology. We have enlisted a few experienced writers who have a passion not just for technology, but how it has changed and should be changed to educate the public in a different light. We know consumers are often frustrated with technology. ITLNOW’s online magazine will give you a way to learn and be delighted with a new, fun and fresh approach.


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