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Without going too far back in time, let’s start in the early 1970s; we had the popularity of the mainframes with dumb terminals. In the 1980s, we experienced a revolution with the introduction of the PC, the stand-alone computer that offered enormous computing power for little money. In, the 1990s came the potential power of the Internet and the turn of the century brought us the super highway that required needed even more power. Today, we are back to the mainframe theory with a twist. We are in the best of times, the beginning of a time when everyone can have super computers and the ability to use the same resources that large companies use, with very little investment. Welcome to the new age of supercomputing with SaaS – Software, As A Service utilizing the unique different browsers. However, the options are unlimited and, just like the roads of this country. One requires directions and the right devices for access.

The concept that everyone was waiting for in the late 90s was ASP – Application Service Providers, which were introduced and crashed as fast as the “DOT NET” days. The idea of paying for what you need and not for what you don’t is more desirable than ever before. This is why SaaS and CaaS were born; the concepts are not necessarily new but the talent of the people developing, designing and creating them is vast. With these types of services, you have no up-front capital expenditures on hardware, software and configuration, and no ongoing maintenance or upgrade costs. These services start from as low as $2.50 per user per month and at times are FREE, these services scale easily with your business needs. So here lies the secret; the companies that can keep up with the changes and proven methods and know how to implement them will be the key for a company, or individual to maximize their options. Hence at ITLNOW we often like to say, “we mimic your manual way of performing tasks and automate it by streamlining your processes with technology” this was once very expensive to purchase, use and maintain. Today all the headaches are left to the providers who operate with the best business practices, maintain superb service levels and are accountable for their offerings.

ITLNOW developed the Business Requirement Document (BRD) specifically to enable its customers/clients to quickly receive the benefits of assessing their business processes and better analyze options for streamlining their operation functions. ITLNOW’s background and experience in information technology (SaaS), connectivity, digitizing records, document and record management allow us to focus on the latest technology with information technology and record management in mind.

We concentrate by mimicking your successful manual business processes and design by streamlining the workflow in an automated, electronic way. We use a proven systems development methodology for gathering your requirements, analyzing them, and then providing you with recommendations for the best-fit information infrastructure solution available. We often like to say, “We mimic your manual process and automate it in an electronic way.”

ITLNOW offers reasonable packages, which include all the best SaaS and CaaS products and services. We are an organization made up of individual personalities and unique skills, committed to providing an excellent experience. Our mission is to enable the viewer to gain self-confidence by educating how best to approach, search and understand technology as it relates to specific needs and requirements. As a company, our mission is to optimize the business process to provide competitive advantages.

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