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“I found the guide to be instrumental in preparing a well thought out WISP. The guide is user friendly and easy to understand. It is very important to follow the guide step by step and not skip around.”

“The 201 CMR 17.00 Compliance  guide starts off by informing the reader what the new laws are and what policies and procedures should be in place in order to be compliant. Next, the guide has you evaluate your organization buy providing multiple checklists. These checklists were key for me to see where my Company was already in compliance and where we were not.

The guide provides excellent sample letters to various vendors and service providers to assist in retrieving information needed to develop your 201CMR17 compliance WISP. Once I was ready to create our WISP, the guide provides a Sample WISP that I adjusted to fit our Company. This guide thought of it all. There is nothing you will need that is not provided in the guide. I would recommend this product to anyone.”

Joanne K – Controller

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A referral is the best compliment.

Excellent guide to helping everyone who does business in Massachusetts to navigate and understand the complexity of 201 CMR 17.00. This will help anyone, no matter what department or business size,  moving from start to finish in creating a policy to meet the requirements of this new law”
Food Distribution  – FT

“I had heard a lot of things about the Massachusetts mandate to protect personal information but it wasn’t until the iComplyNow guide that I had a complete grasp of what compliance entailed.  Knowing what information was needed, utilizing easy templates for gathering the information, and developing a Written Information Security Program,  guide proved to be an indispensible resource.”
Heavy Construction – JD

“The Guide was well organized, easy to follow and provided an outline of the law’s requirements in layman’s terms.  The sample policies and links to third-party resources made preparing the WISP a much less daunting task.”

“iComplyNow’s The Essential Guide and WISP prototype is a great help to a small, non-profit organization like ours. It is a clear and precise distillation of the new law 201 CMR 17. The written policy sample of the WISP makes pulling the procedures and policies together for our organization very efficient. I cannot imagine creating our policy without it!“
Non-Profit – DZ

“As a hiker and climber I would never leave for an adventure without first researching my intended route or having the proper tools (ie a map, compass and altimeter) needed.
The Guide was my map and compass.  Without the Guide as my map and compass I might as well have been on an adventure lost in the wilderness without a map and compass.” 
Finance – BR

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