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Why ITLNOW for Mobile Apps…

With the explosion of powerful mobile computing–smart–phones, tablets, and other portable devices–companies are looking for ways to help their staff stay productive… anytime, anywhere.

These smart devices use “apps”–stripped-down software programs–to perform specific functions without the clutter and complexity of the full versions. From location finders and data collection to inventory control and time managers, there are apps for just about everything!

ITLNOW Mobile App Solutions can develop applications on a wide variety of common software platforms, including:

  • Hardware: BlackBerry / Android / WinMobile / RF devices / iPhone & iPad / Windows Phone 7
  •  O/S: webOS / iOS /BlackBerry / Win CE /Win Mobile 6.x / Android / Symbian
  •  Mobile Applications: CRM / Barcode Recognition / Amazon SNS / SMS / BPM
  •  Browsers: Web Kit / Opera / UC / Google Chrome / IE / Safari / Palm
  •  Programming: SQLite / Java / Python / PHP / JavaScript / C / XML / RoR / HTML (5)

Do you have a proprietary software application that you wish your mobile associates could use out in the field or away from the office?

ITLNOW Mobile App Solutions has the answer!

Our experienced developers can take your company’s application and convert it into a mobile version that can be accessed from any smart device, anywhere your employees need to do business.

Enjoy the flexibility of using your existing software with the productivity advantages that mobility affords.

Let ITLNOW Mobile App Solutions help you expand your reach and boost your bottom line. It’s the future of business!

Call or write to us to learn how our development model is a recipe to provide faster, more enhanced solutions to your company needs and requirements!

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