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iFaaS Products

Free As A Service (FaaS ), applications are free as an Open Source and/or FREE are complementry as a added service to exisiting offering(s).

iFaaSnow, provides you with FREE recommendation on the latest tested solutions that a start-up can benefit from Open Source and as part of an exeint serives.

Tomorrow’s systems for today’s companies that need to position themselves to get ahead of the industry, decrease costs, increase profits and productivity.

Do not let the barrage of new technology redirect your efforts.  Technology is shifting more than ever.  Our approach has empowered many companies to grow to the next level of the business life cycle. The question you need to ask is, why does technology and the business process have to be so confusing, so costly, and put such a strain on our people?

It’s time to make changes that will affect how we all compete in today’s business economy. Find out how your competition is leading or how you can lead the industry with technology. For the first time, you can do that without buying new technology. You just need the know how to converge with your resources.

Why is technology and the business process so confusing, costly and put such a strain on people?

What you are about to read could be the secret to the next big move your company makes. Take a lead in your industry; stay competitive while not breaking the bank. The IT market has grown in just a few years ago by over a hundred fold and growing geometrically. After much research into these companies, we eliminated the majority of them from the list and select best of the best (product, delivery, and cost equal stay ability).

Assessment is the key. A business decision made with the right assessment may cost you 4-10 times LESS. Why? Because you are taking the time to discover the solution that will work for your business not what will work for the solution provided!

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