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Desktop Design and Publishing


We offer a complete solution for individuals, ad agencies, and companies of all sizes that want to create, distribute, monetize, and optimize engaging content and publications for electronic and tablet devices.

We create dynamic and interactive electronic publications: fliers, brochures, product catalogues, and even complete magazines!

Transform your website into a digital business through lucrative new revenue streams, deeper customer relationships, and cost-efficient tablet publishing.

Why electronic publishing is good for business?

iSTUDIO Desktop Design and Publishing

Fully Viral

When publish anything online, it can be emailed, shared via social media, bookmarked by the reader, etc. With little work, it will go viral, resulting in many unique visitors that at the same time will share it with their friends and colleagues.

Low overhead cost

Electronic publishing allows for almost unlimited subscribers and readers because there is very low cost for distribution and promotion.

High Interaction with Audience

When you publish anything online, you could receive almost instant feedback via email or comments (You are always in control of accepting or denying good and bad comments). When you respond, you build relationships with readers that might bring enjoyment, friendships, new ideas, helpful tips, constructive criticism and loyalty to your future work.

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Desktop Design and Publishing

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