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Learn how to make the most of rich media to move the needle on your sales. Be where your customers are, as they shop across multiple channels, from the desktop to mobile to social.

  • Mobilize your website.  When it comes to the small screen, think big. Engage with full-screen video and interactive zoom.
  • Socialize your rich media. Blogs and Facebook are perfect homes for rich media. Soft Surroundings posted its catalog on Facebook; Niche Modern sought virality with embeddable multimedia viewers.
  • Cover all the rich media bases on your commerce site. Shoppers are hungry for visual information. Cover all the bases, from visual search to color-swatching to pan and zoom on all images and angles. Put up online catalogs, shop-this-look and mix-and-match capabilities.
  • Enrich your online ad campaigns Don’t be static this holiday. Engage consumers with rich-media promotions and messages. From animated banners to streaming video, rich media ads get the best response.
  • Persuade, delight & inform with videos.  Speak to your customers with moving images; entertainment, product reviews, demos and merchandising are all fair game.
  • Invite user-generated content. To lend authenticity to your brand, ask your customers to share their product experiences with photos and videos.
  • Let shoppers have fun designing one-of-a-kind gifts. Give shoppers the tools to personalize or design their gifts online. Use a product configurator to deliver a great online experience.

A study by smart media sales found out that the digital editions that make money have one thing in common: they optimized their publications for the screen, via layout, font choices and rich media.

Here are some key findings:

  • The elements that enhance the readers’ experience more are videos (75%), extra photos (58%), slide shows (37.4%), audio (35.7%) and Flash animations (30.6%)
  • Digital publications are viewed for 20 to 30 minutes. An average Web site visit lasts eight to nine minutes
  • 70 percent of subscribers were less likely to ignore ads in digital editions than on websites. They were perceived as less intrusive.
  • Respondents found ads in digital magazines more helpful than ads in other electronic media
  • Mobile phone ads were ranked the least interesting
  • According to the study, digital magazines were also seen as
  • More authoritative 65%
  • More trustworthy 71%
  • Easier to read 73%
  • Better organized 78%
  • More focused experience 80%
  • More visually appealing 83%
  • More interesting and fun to read 85%
  • There will be over 30 new tablet type mobile devices introduced into the marking during the next 12 months.
  • The iPad will sell over 28 million units by the end of 2011
  • There will be over 1 million apps in the app stores by the end of 2011
  • There are over 50 app stores now
  • Total apps (Apple 225k, Android 50k all the rest 70k)
  • 17.5 Billion has been spent in app downloads
  • Apple has 150 Million credit cards on file; that’s more than the amount of households in America.
  • There are more mobile phones than Internet connections and TV’s combined.

The study included 5,612 readers of eight magazines that are already making money from their digital editions, including VIVmag and Premier Guitar.

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