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Web Branding and Optimizing

Why should a company invest in Brand Identity?

Web Branding and OptimizingTo influence the perception your clients will have about your company when they hear your company’s name, read your articles, glance at your corporate brochure and navigate your communication sites.

Connect emotionally with your audience
Become irreplaceable
Create lifelong relationships
Make them fall in love with you


Make them trust you and believe you are superior to your competitors. ITLNOW is big on ideas and talented in execution. We are committed to getting you noticed and stand out from your competition by focusing on positive differences.

Web Branding and Optimizing

Whatever it is you do, you’ve got your own story. We will help you do the show and tell. Today’s consumer is blitzed with millions of images every day. Companies hoping to grab that consumer’s attention need a memorable, eye-catching identity that will make a favorable and lasting impression in the consumer’s mind.

Re-Design your Brand
Why do companies re-design their brand identity?

Web Branding and Optimizing


A company’s image should be dynamic in many ways, because things change, the competition, the times, even the company itself. A company whose logo does not reflect present realities is at a marketing disadvantage.

When you re-design your image, you are showing to your audience how you conquer your inner power and persevere to improve yourself and learn from past missteps.

Stay Dynamic with a Fresh Look:

Web Branding and OptimizingA website or portal (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Google+ or PinInterest) deserves maintenance and actualization, if nothing else information becomes old, links may no longer work, and style has been phased out.

Most sites can be revived with a little effort to make it brand new with a fresh look and feel.

Most of the time it can be by just freshening up old outdated graphics, making sure that all content and the links work, fix code if needed, and add exciting new sections to your current different web and social sites.

Web or social media sites are often the first place your potential customers, vendors, family and friends learn about your business.

Web Branding and OptimizingOnline collaboration and business process automation adds new value to your business. Content management (CMS) tools like WordPress that are offered free by donations changes how we communicate with key audiences, manage your valuable information assets, and task business and creative teams. CMS is not one size fits all.

You have many distinctive types of information managed by various people and groups. From news to calendars to forms and business processes, you need to find the right solution that fits how you work and support all of your audiences.

Effective use of digital technology to achieve strategic objectives takes talent. An experienced team reviews new and existing commination strategies to identify gaps and develop integrated digital solutions. We help companies big and small to utilize the benefits of the digital world as an interactive communications tool.

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