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Marketing Strategies and Campaigns


Marketing Strategies

  • Research: as a starting point, collect samples of designs you like and don’t like. Clarify visions, goals and values.
  • Collaboration: Clarify Strategy and bring collaboration work to life by producing briefs and key messages.
  • Design Process: Designing Identity: Finalize Brand architecture and present visual strategy.
  • Creating Touch points: Develop look and feel, initiate trademark protection, prioritize and design applications.
  • Managing Assets: Develop internal and external launch strategy, develop standards and guidelines. Provide consistency over communication channels.

 Strategic Internet Marketing

Marketing StrategiesWe focus on Web Promotion and Inquiry Generation. Our strategy is based on our primary GOAL: Web Promotion –optimization- and lead generation –roi. We implement and maintain your online brand across your site, update content and keep your website fresh and dynamic.

We develop graphics, themes and the architectural navigation for your site with assistance from our IT web Department.

Email MarketingMarketing Strategies

Maximize your return on investment with an email marketing campaign

We will design and send daily, weekly, or monthly messages out to your subscriber base.

Keep customers informed of your product updates, discounts or promotions

Send a monthly newsletter to drive traffic to your website

Email marketing is a professional and affordable way to increase sales and build customer loyaltyThe goal of email marketing is to generate more business, improve the brand and inform and educate the marketplace.

Web Search Engine Optimization

Marketing StrategiesSearch Engine Optimization (SEO) is the primary method of obtaining high rankings on major search engines like Google. These rankings show up in the natural or sometimes called organic results area. This is the area where most everyone looks when they are searching,

Websites that show up in the natural search results area are clicked on more often than any other listings on search engines.

Search engine optimization allows high rankings for keyword phrases that potential customers would use to find the products or services that you offer.

The goal of creating unique Search Engine Optimized (SEO) pages will be to increase the monthly search activity. In addition, more target SEO pages will be developed for niche keyword/phrases with broad marketing appeal. Addition SEO pages will be developed to target keyword/phrases in conjunction with local towns and communities. Further, all new pages added to the website including Blog articles, landing pages or other pages be coded using the SEO tool that is part of the WordPress.

Marketing StrategiesPay-Per-Click (PPC) or Cost-Per Action (CPA) Marketing or Cost Per Impression (CPI) Advertising – Pay-Per-Click ads are displayed at the top and right of the search engine results’ pages. Web sites that show up here by bidding on keyword phrases and paying the provider a small fee each time the ad is clicked on. The more you bid per phrase the higher your ad will appear on the results’ page. Pay-Per-Click is a great way to help drive traffic quickly to your website. A daily budget to manage your ad dollars can be set so that your budget won’t be exceeded. A budget reminder can be set up with the provider.

The goal of the Pay-Per-Click advertising is twofold. One, it will be used to generate increased traffic to the website for general keyword/phrases. Two, it will be used for special targeted keyword/phrases. Landing pages will be developed for special targeted keyword/phrases the will be used to track the results of the click activity. In addition, Google tracking code will be added to the landing pages to track conversions. Conversions are when a visitor lands on the landing page: request a phone call, to get added to a mail list, to request additional information, or sign up for the newsletter. Prior to the start of this advertising will require adding a Privacy Policy to the website pages that have a form.

Social Media Marketing – The goal is to expand the use of Social Media to build brand awareness, reach out to new potential customers, and to use the power of Social Media to help spread the word about Miller Recycling Corporation and Northeast Data Destruction. The other goal is to greatly expand the followers of Miller Recycling Corporation and Northeast Data Destruction on the Social Media sites. This will require the pre-planned creation of content, message and announcement to be sent using Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube.

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