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DICM – Document Imaging & Content Management

Preserving Critical Business Systems

The power of Document Management Solutions, NOW.

Cost-effective Solutions to automate or streamline your business processes.

ITLNOW is your single source supplier for cost-effective document imaging and management solutions. We have the expertise to recommend and implement the right product to meet your requirements. Our solutions include products developed by us, as well as products from leading technology companies for whom ITLNOW is an authorized Value Added Reseller.


  • Content Management Repository (CMR)
  • Digital Imaging
  • Enterprise Reports Management
  • E-Mail
  • Office Documents
  • Image-Enable Applications at the desktop

Overview of Features

  • Document Capture
  • Index and QC Review
  • Document Management
  • Document Storage
  • Document Retrieval


  • Cost – Benefit
  • Improve Staff Productivity


  • Reduces or eliminates lost or misplaced documents
  • Reduces  the need for file cabinet or physical storage, hard-copy archival and microfiche.
  • Reduces staff required to file and retrieve paper-base documents and folders
  • Reduces the legal risk via improved controls over business information.
  • Significant reduction in paper printing, distribution, photocopying and storage costs
  • Improves compliance with laws and regulations – SEC 17a-4, SOX, HIPAA, Rule 26

It improves Staff productivity:

Multiple users have concurrent, simultaneous access to the same document.
Ease of use facilitates acceptance by users and assures speedy implementation and deployment.
Respond to customer inquiries immediately with the right information, no called back required.
It delivers the correct information to the right person at the right time.
It improves overall information management and increases employee effectiveness.

Let our document experts help you implement the most cost-effective solution for managing and preserving your critical digital assets.

“Our belief is that an educated customer is our most successful customer”.

ITLNOW provides a family of document imaging and content management components that allow users to capture, store, and access the documents and data needed to support everyday business processes, thereby reaping the benefits of increased business efficiency and rapid return on investment (ROI).

Single modules may be implemented to address individual application requirements, or they may be implemented as an enterprise wide solution.

Content Management Repository (CMR):

At the heart of our comprehensive solution suite is a robust Content Management Repository (CMR). Our CMR engine combines powerful digital imaging capabilities with dynamic content management services to help your organization better control and manage critical business information.

This extensive repository integrates with virtually any business application and enables you to:

  • Capture all types of business content, such as; documents, images, video, e-mails, faxes, audio, reports and computer output (COLD/ERM), desktop documents and more – making them part of the centralized CMR.
  • Organize and store information for easy reference by automatically indexing information according to your needs.
  • Efficiently access content through easy to use the search and retrieve capabilities that quickly locate the exact information you need – when you need it – via a desktop or browser
  • Leverage information through legacy applications, such as ERM, CRM, Finance, HR and other business systems, using either CRM’s easy-to-use interface, our image-enabling tools, or the business applications programming interface (API).

Digital Imaging

Our digital imaging module supports capturing, converting, storing, retrieving and managing electronic documents, correspondence, medical records, invoices, and PODs. For the majority imaging applications, document capture is the most time consuming, complex and expensive process. That’s why ITLNOW “best-fits” your scanning requirements for the most cost-effective solution available.

Enterprise Reports Management (ERM/COLD)
Ideal for storing computer output “print streams”, such as green-bar reports, statements, invoices and billings


You can easily archive and retrieve Microsoft Outlook or Lotus Notes e-mails and attachments.

Office Documents

Store, retrieve and manage Microsoft Office documents (Word, Excel, PowerPoint) and Adobe PDF’s

Image-Enable Your Applications at the Desktop

Improve your business processes quickly and easily by seamlessly integrating your business applications right at the desktop. This powerful tool let’s your view line of business data and document images side-by-side thereby eliminating the need to:

  • Search through filing cabinets and documents to find the answer to a simple question.
  • Flip between screens to complete a task.
  • Re-key data into multiple applications.
  • Manually consolidate documents and data to get the information you need.

Overview of Features:

Document Capture

  • Supports SCSI, ISIS and TWAIN compliant scanners and digital cameras
  • Hi-speed / Hi-volume capture support for Kofax, Doculex, and more
  • Forms processing support for Cardiff, Captiva, Readsoft, and more
  • File acquired (existing network documents)
  • File types – TIF, JPEG, PDF, HTM, AVI, MP3, MS Office, and more
  • Annotations, notes, redaction, markup
  • Powerful import capabilities
  • Drag and drop document into the repository
  • Print to TIFF capture any printed document
  • Remote capture with Internet upload

Index and QC Review

  • Application defined metadata
  • Auto database lookup
  • Cabinets, Drawers, Folders, Document metaphor
  • Sticky fields, combo box list and box support
  • Full text
  • Security’s level assignment for cabinets, folders, & documents
  • Text and barcode OCR recognition

Document Management

  • Insert from a file (any object type)
  • View / Print/ FAX / E-Mail / Download
  • Check-In / Check–out
  • Edit / Version control
  • Audit trail tracking
  • User- Group- and Document-Level security.

Document Storage

  • Local or network magnetic
  • Optical, CD, DVD
  • ASP host server (coming soon
  • ODBC Compliant (MS SQL / Oracle) Database
  • Legal retention date monitoring
  • Extraction for 3rd party export (optional)

Document Retrieval

  • Windows and/or browser based
  • Document management portal (optional)
  • Search based on metadata
  • Search base on Boolean operators
  • Search based on ‘Full Text’ content search
  • Search based keywords
  • Share documents with multiple users simultaneously
  • MAPI compliant for email
  • Access data from a remote computer via the Internet
  • View, print, fax and download

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