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The better solution process is what we call triangular: Manager/Directors, IT and Users. Time and Money will be wasted with the synergy of these three groups working together with dynamic results.

The time has come that companies don’t need to invest in technology every 256 days (national average of the life of computer products). The time has come that business don’t need to spend 10-23% of their revenue just on business technologies.  The current approach, but not necessarily the most prudent, taken by many companies is to leave tit for the computer-knowledgeable people to picture business applications.

It’s time to make changes that will affect how we all compete in today’s business economy. Find out how your competition is leading or how you can lead the industry with technology.

iTLOGISTICS – An unique and innovative brand for IT computer, device and networking consulting services

  • Hardware
  • Software
  • Security
  • Computer Maintenance
  • Networking
  • Wireless
  • Smart Phones

Consulting Services – Complete Benefits

Yearly Consulting Agreement (request our detailed hourly packages, based on per hour)

  • Conduct cost analysis (future projects, how will they affect each department?)
  • Review service contracts (renew with upgrades at same or lower cost)
  • Buyer’s Agent (hardware companies often bundle)
  • Out sourcing (IS, Tele-Com, Marketing and Back Office)
  • Firewall (review level of security)
  • Tele-Communications (cost analysis, on line charges, local, interstate and long distance)
  • Accounting Packages (Getting the most out of your back office software –Great Plains, UA, MASS90, Peachtree, Quick Books, etc.
  • Review wireless contracts (recommendations and savings)

“The heart of our business is to make sure that all projects get done right, on time and at the best rate.”

When it comes to sitting down with a consultant do you ask?  “Do you know UNIX?” or “Are you a Certified Microsoft Engineer?” but rarely, “How will the network integrate with all of your departments?” or “How secure is it after it’s installed?

Contract Reviews

iT Advisory Process

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