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Review Network Service Contracts

Times have changed, what are the new options?

IT Logistics Division will perform a complete on-site review of your network. We will review existing equipment and data communications connectivity, and make recommendations for improvements. IT Logistics Division is a complete Network Engineering/Computer Network Integrator consulting firm that focuses on customer satisfaction and corporate productivity.

Networks play an important role in efficiency and data sharing within a company. IT Logistics Division recognizes this, and designs and engineers each network to client’s specific needs. Efficient workflow, data integrity, security and performance are factors that help formulate the design of network.

Every business that has a large amount of networking equipment needs to have a plan in place-before disaster strikes. Let IT Logistics finds that peace of mind and takes control of billing and material. IT Logistics Division is your business to customer success.

Review Point Of Sale

Service contracts and hardware costs, alternative choices to service currently offered.

One of the benefits of IT Logistics Division is that you may get a first look at some of the new and unannounced products that usually you would find in a trade show. A computer you’ve never seen before, or one that’s been rumored but no one has ever seen. It’s a great feeling to have a company that can bring you the new technology or insight of the latest technology.

Interactive technology offers a unique opportunity for delivering highly targeted advertising and promotions at the best place and prime time — in retail stores, where additional shopping is convenient, and when customers constitute a captive audience during the roughly 1.5 minutes, on average, that they are engaged in the payment transaction. The opportunity is enormous: in the United States alone, over 290,000 retailers offer over 2 million POS locations were proximally 30 billion transactions are conducted annually, holding consumer eyeballs captive for whopping 50 billion minutes. Eventually, biometrics — such as fingerprints or iris impressions — may be applied to make the security and privacy features even more compelling. IT Logistics Division with its partner can assist you with your Point of Sale needs and review your service and hardware costs.

Review Service Contracts

Renew with upgrades at same or lower cost. Conduct cost analysis/future projects, how will they affect each department?
Our business model is simple…take 7 plus years e-commerce, network and telecommunication, company owned, operated and on-hand experience, and wrap it around over 20 years of selling experience, and deliver solutions for everyday technology business issues at a fraction of the cost. How do we do it? Having practical experience and added value we can deliver better for less. We have first hand knowledge in the IT industry. We know how to work smart, and focus on delivering solutions at the lowest cost possible. The key is not to build up billable hours. We specialize in the Hardware, Software and Service integrated companies from a productivity perspective; a company that wants a knowledgeable insider’s perspective focused on how to get it done timely and reasonably. Most consultants are trained to identify problems…we focus on business to customer solutions!

Review Wireless Contracts

Recommendations and savings:

The rumor that cell phones will overtake PCs as the primary means of Internet communication only spells (success).  IT Logistics Division will position your staff with the right tools and contracts to provide the up and coming options. Don’t tie up your resources to prevent different options that often come up.  The aim is to manage data communications between mobile phone networks and Internet Protocol (IP) networks.  We are immersed in the most dynamic and exciting telecommunications environment ever witnessed.  Speed and capacity continue to grow at accelerating rates, and costs continue to decrease.  These trends have already changed our world, and indicate even more radical changes in our use of telecommunications in the future, as the latest generation of entrepreneur’s works to make innovative technologies and applications a reality in our lives.  Old ways of thinking, based on bandwidth scarcity, are giving way to original ways of thinking, based on bandwidth abundance.  However, exhilarating this may be, it presents a daunting and in some ways troubling challenge to users: that is how IT Logistics Division can choose from among the many technological solutions and opportunities, and be sure that what our customers choose what will be best for their organization now and into the uncertain future?

Review the Internet and Data Connectivity

Review the internet and data, how they affect your IS and Telecommunication departments.

When shopping for bandwidth IT Logistics Division can assist you with choices that otherwise take value time and research. It can be a difficult process that involves spending your valuable resources dealing with multiple carriers and sales representatives. Imagine a company that recommends and partners with over 10 World Class Carriers, with outstanding purchasing power for its clients, and delivers assists in this service. The search doesn’t need to take up your resources, manpower and time. Planning is a big part of the Internet and Data connectivity. IT Logistics Division reviews and can assist in the plans of the process, which includes: Determining your organization’s objectives and network goals, examining installed applications and systems identifies communications requirements (voice, data, video, etc.) Reviewing the physical plant configuration. When determining the performance, reliability and security requirements, studying network topology and forecasting future needs, IT Logistics Division has experience in getting the right people to manage, plan and deliver such projects.

Review Tele-Communications

Cost analysis, on line charges, local, interstate and long distance:

IT Logistics Division brings you choices for everything you will need to run your business today…on a single access line, Local, Long distance, Data and the Internet.

IT Logistics partners with  top companies that integrate your local phone service, long distance and Internet service in a single convenient telecommunications solution. Our partners also let you customize the features you want. With so many choices, you’re sure to get just the right service to meet your business needs.

With today’s technology all-in-one functionality you can dramatically reduce the required equipment to support your voice and data applications. One option is to lease equipment with less maintenance and support issues.

IT Logistics Division will assist you can choose between switched and dedicated long distance services, depending on your calling needs. IT Logistics Division helps you decide which plan meets your needs to be more effectively and economically. We assist you with options so you can make the right decision.

IT Logistics Division can offer consultation services with quality networking, and telephone interconnected products and services through our partner who can provide your company with the solutions to master all of your company’s communication systems. Our goal is to help your company run as efficiently and effectively as possible in order to maximize your productivity and profitability.

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