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IT Advisory Process

IT Logistics,  we lay out five fundamentals of advising that can provide the foundation for “good manners” of the consulting relationship, engage in a way that relates trust, mutual respect, and also minimizes the chances for misunderstanding and unrealized expectations.


Our focus is identifying the client, understanding the motivations, culture, history, fears, and goals of both the human being and the organization. The success in this task has much more bearing on the success or failure of the engagements than the technical discipline involved. This makes for a long-term commitment.


Our role is setting the expectation with the client regarding what we are there to accomplish, what tasks we make a commitment to perform, what tasks you expect the client to go through, and where the boundaries of the relationship lie.


Our IT Logistics Division’ consultant’s central role is to help a client draw a mental picture of the desired result of the engagement. Visualizing a successful result creates a common goal that all participants can agree upon and strive for together. Like the championship for a sports team, it is the determination and motivational that clarifies the effort and helps clear away tension, issues and barriers.


One of the tasks for consultants is to cast aside emotional attachment to their own advice. Many technicians fall in love with a particular solution or technology, and then lose interest in the client if he decides to take another approach.

We must always remember that the client understands the complexities of his own environment, and that he/she lives with the result of his decision, while we move on to the next assignment.

Consulting results are more than advising. It is assisting clients to reach a goal. While some advisory relationships are strictly informational, most clients want us to not only recommend solutions; they want us to help implement them.

By considering implementation issues throughout the engagement, such as corporate culture, readiness to change, training requirements, and corporate communications channels, we keep our eye on the realm of the possibility.


There are many consultative relationships where all the customer is receiving is recommendations or research. We’ve been engaged many times in creating a “white paper” report that outlines various options and the pros and cons of each. We had no role in the ultimate decision or the implementation of the system, and often had no idea if all those ideas were utilized or stuck in a drawer and forgotten.

In the vast majority of engagements, however, the client wants more than advice. He wants a result. Furthermore, while it’s critical to keep an open mind and not pre-selecting the solution before performing the analysis, there are certain techniques that pave the way for a successful implementation.

We are constantly amazed at how often-consulting projects are done in complete isolation from the intended recipients of the new system. This can be an outcome of some corporate cultures, where decisions are made by managers in closed sessions, and then sprung on the user community by management proclamation.

In many cases, managers just aren’t used to considering the reaction of the troops when making technology deployment decisions. When end users are involved on the benefits of the new technology, when they understand how it affects their duties, when they participate in scheduling the roll-out, the odds for success are enhanced tremendously.

Results-orientation also means designing, training, support, and maintenance into your solutions from the beginning.


Information Systems, Tele-Communication, Marketing and Back Office Applications

How do executives find the speed, flexibility, and scalability needed to take on the challenges of today’s turbulent business world? Through Outsourcing, Do what you do best and outsource to IT Logistics and let us do the rest.  IT Logistics offers experience  and the right resources for hire to lower costs and improves quality of services for all your technology needs.

Over the past year, major developments with outsourcing have occurred, more competition and qualified people are positioned with the customer to achieve in a superior way for the opportunity in the Information, Telecommunication and Back Office areas. New providers, types of services, and overflow of inventories, the opportunity is endless. Today, more than ever one can truly maximize their companies’ infrastructure. Here are just some of the areas of interest:

  • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)
  • Application Service Provider and Outsourcing (ASP)
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Supply Chain Maximizing your investment of internal systems
  • Document, Imaging Content management
  • Custom Applications New and Existing Modifications
  • Enterprise Application Integration (EAI)
  • Consulting Service Maintain, Management & Sustain Service Provider (MSP)
  • Commercial off-the-shelf (COTS)
  • Supply Chain Management (SCM)
  • Return on Investment (ROI)
  • Economic Value Added (EVA)
  • Request For Proposal (RFP’s)
  • Statements of Work (SOW’s)
  • Letters of Engagement (LOE’s)

Outsourcing is a basic redefinition of a corporation surrounded by core competencies with long-term remote relationships. IT Logistics matches up core competence and with the external workforce, which are chosen to bring the best value to the ultimate customer experience with greatest productivity.


IT Logistics provides the management and technical request for proposal (RFP) consulting services to government and commercial businesses. We provide RFP development services, help write Request For Proposals, assist in developing management requirements and evaluate proposals. Our services can help you leverage your RFP writing effort – from the initial development phase to evaluating proposals and vendor selection.

IT Logistic’s proven track record is Quick and Easy! Our consulting services allow you to select the area of interest. Now you will have access for us to prepare proposals in IT, Management, Marketing, HR, Manufacturing, Engineering, Environmental, the Internet, e-Commerce and more.

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