Our Plan to Action
Imagine it, and ITLNOW will create it.


Take The Next Step To The Next Level

Over the years, ITLNOW has succeeded in assisting companies in all sorts of industries reach their technology needs. Today with 35 leading industry applications and a unique in-house showcase platform, ITLNOW can take you to the next level of your business.

  • Market-entry Consulting
  • Information Technology Consulting
  • Business Consulting
  • Management and Strategies
  • Implement Best Practices
  • Marketing with Accountability

Roy Avila will meet up to discuss the opportunity and to establish if there’s synergy (the interaction of the combined effect greater than the sum of one). The dynamics (the motivating or driving forces) will derive the means to attain new sales and marketing strategies. The objective of the meeting is to quickly assess whether new or enhance existing sales and marketing efforts can produce results.

We work with company executives, sole proprietors, and entrepreneurs to implement our valued business strategies, to better promote, sell, and distribute your product, service, concept, or idea. We achieve success by utilizing your knowledge in conjunction with our added 30 years of hands-on business expertise.

ITLNOW leverages Betta2Teem, the advantage of our added value, our web app to optimize sales opportunities. The platform mobilizes our efforts taking you to the next level of sales, marketing, and procurement, all to boost the market share and bottom-line.

The Action Plan

  • Research
  • Review
  • Structure
  • Setup and Configuration
  • Implement
  • Rollout
  • Administer

7 Ways To Enhance Your Internet Business Opportunity

1.      Revisit Your Traditional Business Strategy with Internet eCommerce Goals
2.      Transform Your Company’s Profile and Mission Digital Statement
3.      Recognize Your Company’s Digital Identity and Point of Contact
4.      Team Up with Technologists That Offer Experience in The Digital IT Environment
5.      Work with a Business Consultant That Offers Added Value to Your Successful Business Strategies
6.      Recognize Competition Is ‘Awfully” Awesome
7.      Be Open Minded to Change; The Possibilities Are Endless

Our Plan to Action

•  A Remote Session or Face to Face (depending on location)
•  One on One Remote Meeting Face to Face (depending on location)
•  2-7 Remote Strategy Sessions (depending on the complexity of the owner’s concept and idea, sales, and marketing department roles)
•  Design and Integration
•  Go to Market
•  Reports

‘There’s nothing ‘done’ simple in WebFlow. It’s a canvas of opportunities.’ -Roy Avila

We re-engineer the ‘the processes’, break down to how they’ll fit the understanding and the need, the value of the results, and how each will impact the objectives. We don’t start until we have the chance to develop a business case for our clients. We also take into consideration how much business consulting versus technical design there is in the final program.

ITLNOW uses the customer's local industry average rates. Our pricing valued on the totality of the engagement. Experience leads us to take a forward-looking approach that leads to long-term engagements.

It has never failed; our methodology eventually grows into larger opportunities with great results for the client and ITLNOW.

Attain greater results by teaming up with Roy Avila at ITLNOW.

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