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August 17, 2010

Roy M. Avila

Technologist and Promoter

"SaaS a change in the mindset of all Technologists, whether a user or developer as it will change the world."  ITLNOW – Roy M. Avila

Published on: Aug 17, 2010

The current approach, but not necessarily the most prudent taken by many companies is to leave it for IT people to procure business applications. The ideal solution process is what we call, triangular: MANAGERS/DIRECTORS, IT and USERS. Time and money will be wasted without the synergy of these three groups working together. The time has come that companies don’t need to invest in technology every 256 days (national average of the life of a computer product). The time has come that businesses don’t need to spend 10-23% of their revenue just on business technologies.

About iOutsource a unit of ITLNOW

iSaasNow has extensive knowledge and experience in technology infrastructure, communication, imaging, document management, and record management. We consider ourselves a leader in the industry. Our established nationwide business alliances of strategic outsourcing, technical consulting and professional services allow us to deliver unparalleled results.
With more than 30 years of combined business and leadership experience, our team works with small to mid-sized business as well as educational institutions and municipalities.
No company is too big or too small. We automate and streamline your business processes with the best-required business technology available. We leverage existing technology and bring it to the next level.

iSaasNow will recommend a best-fit solution and provide you with alternative business technologies, which do not always mean buying new or more technology. The cost of this service more than pays for itself in just the first stage, simultaneously decrease costs and business risks and increase profits and production.  Don’t let technology, application developers and software companies dazzle you with their great features and benefits! This course of action will only give you what they think you need. These companies are often associated with existing partners or vendors. A business decision made without the proper assessment may cost you 4-10 times more than taking the time to discover the solution that will work for your business. It is easy to fall into the trap of purchasing proprietary software instead of off-the-shelf (OTS) products before understanding optimal technology for your business needs and requirements. For instance, even with OTS products like Microsoft, you may only need Office Basic rather than Office Professional. iSaasNow would assess the situation, and in this case, you could save $350 per license. iSaasNow, Inc provides cost-effective and compliant solutions to automate and streamline your business processes, solve critical business needs, protect and preserve your business records, count with an ROI that lets you stay ahead of the competition, and integrate with your line of business systems.

Founded in 2001, iSaasNow has dedicated its efforts to providing business system solutions to organizations in many industries. Our clients include accounting firms, mortgage brokers, the banking industry, credit unions, government municipalities, law firms, healthcare, manufacturing, insurance, transportation, brokerage firms, and retail. Today we provide a full spectrum of off-the-shelf design SaaS solutions that integrate with existing or future business applications. In addition, we offer "off-the-shelf" modules for the Accounting, Healthcare, Transportation, Sales markets….and more.


The pattern or history of growth, change, and development is the motivating or driving forces, physical or moral, in any field.


The idea that the value and performance of the two companies combined will be greater than the sum of the separate individual parts.


The quality in people who rises from a concern for what is regarded as excellence in their field, which transforms optimal results in their industry. You achieve this by deepening and improving one's ideas by education or training behaviors and beliefs characteristic of a particular social or business ethnic whose sum total of ways of building up by a group of human beings and transmitted from one generation to another.  The concept is by practice cultivating an idea that improves the product, service or growth resulting from such cultivation.

As an organization made up of individual personalities and unique skills, each one of us is committed to providing you with the best possible customer experience. As a company, our mission is to optimize the business process infrastructure of our clients to provide them with competitive advantages. It’s time to make changes that will affect how we all compete in today’s business economy. Find out how your competition is leading or how you can lead the industry with technology.

Business Process + Technology + Professional Implementation = Satisfied Client

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