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Not All Websites Created Equal

November 22, 2019

Roy M. Avila

Technologist - Advisor - Promoter


The difference between Website Maintenance, Updates, and Service, not to mention eCommerce.

Are you paying too much, and do you know what you're getting from your website vendor?

Website Software Maintenance

  • BasicPlatform Application updates usually set to auto but need to be reviewed forclarity of changes (yet worse, modifications)
  • Plug-Inand Add-Ons, review updates and perform updates (trust me it's not that simple)
  • Monthlyreview with a set of recommendations to keep you informed of your competition

Website Maintenance Updates

  • BasicPlatform Application Updates (perform by modifying any changes required from an update)
  • Plug-In and Add-Ons (review and perform updates, select a new add-on or plug-in if not working properly from an update)
  • Monthlyreview (make actual content changes based on company needs)

Website Maintenance Service

  • Tech Support (hardware requirement and troubleshooting)
  • CMS Management (database structure and maintenance)
  • Website Analytics (Google, Yahoo, and Bing reporting)
  • General Website Upkeep (Basic Website Application Maintenance and Updates)
  • Website Hosting (SaaS solution a must)
  • SSL Certification review (review coverage and expiration, update requirement needs)

eCommerce Management and Support

Think of eCommerce as the brick and mortar analogy. You ave the actual storefront, backroom, and the warehouse. eCommerce is the brick and mortar that sits on the website, which is the warehouse and backoffice. A different level of talent is required to run an eCommerce Store as opposed to maintaining a website.

  • Site Design Layout and Performance
  • Store Features
  • Inventory Management
  • Shopping Cart
  • Customer Management
  • Analytical Site and Social Venues Reporting

Roy Avila has in-depth detailed IT Technology and Marketing knowledge. For a free 15-minute site review session with Roy, call us at401-349-2135 or visit

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