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Online Sales Professional

June 9, 2020

Roy M. Avila

Technologist - Advisor - Promoter

Online Sales Professional

'A consumer-focused, product-driven sales marketing model that illustrates the customer’s journey toward the purchase of a product or service.’

Let’s talk about hiring an Online Sales Professional.

Please keep in mind our efforts do not replace your current sales team, traditional or digital marketing efforts. Our sales techniques,technology, and applications do not involve interactions with existing initiatives like Google Adwords, Adsense, Google Analytics, Search Engine Optimization, Website Design,Shopping Carts, Backlinks, or many other popular marketing techniques.

Our efforts are stand-alone and only enhance and benefit your current ongoing marketing efforts.  You keep and continue to work with your existing people.

There are many advantages to outsourcing a sales professional that oversees the online prospecting-to-close, sales process. Ultimately our goal is to organize an online meeting with you and a well-informed prospect about your company product or service. You conduct a moderated sales call with a potential customer to discuss the next steps to doing business with your company.

Let’s go over the five bullet points that hopefully clarifies how we go from prospecting to conducting an online video conference.

The Online Sales Professional utilizes our 30 off-the-shelf web applications. There are five phases to the sales model:

  • Select the Product or Service (new or popular with existing top 10 customers)
  • Market Your Product or Service (utilize our web applications)
  • Make the Connection (connect you to a qualified, informed prospect)
  • Moderate the Virtual Demonstration, Interview or Session (coordinate a webinar)
  • Guide you through the follow-up Virtual Sales Process (seal the deal with the click of a button purchase option)

We manage the Online Sales Professional with 4 TOP Applications.

  1. Personalize a Book Like A Boss site (sell your product or services, appointment scheduling, with payment and calendar scheduling)
  2. Showcase your product or service on Betta2Teen by ITLNOW (responsive web pages, (SVBC) BusinessCard and (FVPP) Full Version Profile with the ‘2-Minute Jab Talk’)
  3. Zoom Video Communications (cloud platform for video and audio conferencing, chat, and webinars)
  4. Medium Publication (collections of stories based around your brand)

Compensation Plan

  • Set Up a Sales and Marketing Partnership
  • Based on a residual compensation plan one-off opportunity
  • Ongoing digital and traditional market programs

In conclusion, our objective is to gain market share by cultivating the sales process. And to prospect, showcase, present, connect you to an educated, well informed potential customer towards a specific product or service.

Roy Avila has the sales and marketing technology experience to keep you ahead of the competition.

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