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People versus Bots

November 29, 2019

Roy M. Avila

Technologist - Advisor - Promoter

People versus Bots

Establishing a social media presence doesn’t need to be built on numbers. The right connections are what you need to build relationships with your existing members, new connections, or customers. You build strength, loyalty, and increase your internet visibility by the quality of referrals to promote good competition.

Run the test list below before accepting and reaching out to new candidates to optimize your social media connections and engagement experience.

The Top 7 Test Tips to Establish Meaningful Invites and Requests

  • Include in your message why it would be a good idea to connect, this process allows you to investigate their profile.
  • Ask yourself if you would recommend your potential new connection.
  • Reference a specific piece of the profile’s background and conduct an internet search and visit their website.
  • Mention something relevant you have in common with them.
  • Tell them who you are, how you could enrich their busy lives. Also, if applicable, reference a network contact that could line up with their profile needs, for example, hiring, research, etc.
  • Provide social proof whenever possible and check for contact info like their phone number and physical business address.
  • Consistently update your profile and make sure your profile presents a strong first impression.

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