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Promotional Marketing Programs

December 6, 2019

Roy M. Avila

Technologist - Advisor - Promoter

Promotional Marketing Strategies

Start with an over-all eCommerce, an online concept review, an assessment to validate the ‘go-to-market’ roll-out. We work with over 150 plus applications; there’s a set of tools for every project. The cost of the initial service can save you a lot of time and money.

Business Driven Digital Promotional Selling Program

  • eCommerce Analysis Report (a marketing digital footprint review, market position, and competition status)
  • Performance Result Estimates (value online advertising for actual monetary or brand image results)
  • Assessment Analysis (project budget costs and profitability)
  • Brainstorm the Results (evaluate the online marketing concept)
  • Go to Market Timelines (structure a rollout schedule)

Our unique brainstorm approach differentiates us from search engine optimization, digital marketing, pay-per-click, advertising companies. ITLNOW’s technology and business background allows us to personalize the approach to go-to-market. We also consider that products or services which may at the surface look the same are indeed very different and should take their unique path to market.

[marketing: preparing a product for the marketplace  advertising: making your product and service known]‍

It’s better to be prepared and plan for your advertising in advance, rather than waiting until sales have slowed.

  • Free, it's back, and to boot, the need for 366-day return policy. How does it impact your brand image, and what is it worth?
  • Are giveaways the answer to expansion,increased sales, an attractive approach to inherit customer loyalty?
  • Does every business benefit from giving away'free,' 'discounted,' 'reduced,' and 'on sale' campaigns?
  • What does it indicate when you promote 'giving something away’ without research?
  • What if the concept of 'need’ taints the brand?
  • Every restaurant that has been in business for a generation has one thing in common, service, quality of their product,and pricing in that order.
  • When your service or product is a commodity,then how does quality play as one of the three key factors of success; Focus,People, and Marketing?
  • Professional shoppers are expensive -- or are they?
  • Do businesses like Yelp and Google Marketplace, delivery a measurable gift to an owner of an establishment?

One-Time Fee $695.00 (week turn-around timeline)

Save even more time and money with an Independent Website Audit (if needed $495 per 100 pages)

Promotional Marketing Programs

Plan | Design | Create

  • Ad Campaign Packages (Audio, Video, and Content Layout Design)
  • Popup and Landing Pages
  • Showcase on Betta2Teem Web App
  • Cost-Benefit Analysis
  • Weekly Performance Status Reports (simple human-like presentation)

Venue Rate Sheet Per Month per $500-750 Budget (1 – 5 Qualified Product/Service)

Venue (running total as you add venues)

Note:Most typically ads, new or modified, get approved within 24 hours, but it can take as long as three days to go live.

ITLNOW, a small flexible company that manages a broad range of your departmental responsibilities.Our delivery is super-effective and dedicated to solving the greatest challenge. We are industry-specific and knowledgeable professionals with the experience to drive sales, awareness, and consumer advocacy.

Roy Avila has in-depth detailed technical and digital marketing knowledge. For a Limited Time Special Offers, call us at 401-349-2135 or visit

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