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Think Long-Term When Sourcing Online Solutions

March 3, 2020

Roy M. Avila

Technologist - Advisor - Promoter

Think Long-Term When Sourcing Online Solutions


‘looks okay after looking at it for a couple of months, people say it’s a bit slow, boy I wish it did that, all promises, not any better than what we had but with a different look, why didn’t we think of that, gets costly to revamp our brand’


‘Find the missing element that would separate you from your competition and how technology can work for you and not the masses.’

Think Long-Term When Sourcing Online Solutions

The due diligence conducted by top-level management instead of the technical or sales support departments for an online solutions like; product and service suppliers, merchant services, or shipping providers can make all the difference in cost-saving, go-to-market,and long-term success. There is great value for the owner or sponsor which provides team confidence to interview consultants with information technology that specializes in engaging privacy, information in the digital age with vertical business line experience. The exercise of research is to gather all available options to use as a comparison. The results of the findings empower the project team members to better choose the uniqueness of the top-rated online services.Here is an example; a fully integrated solution that ties in with existing internal systems, an eCommerce satisfying customer experience to gain control, real-time data at your fingertips, which gives you the edge needed to facilitate the delivery. There are more and more choices than ever before. The objective is to source the online platforms that mimics your successful traditional brick and mortar or the business internal processes and to challenge and achieve the efficiency and speed of the digital experience. The philosophy and rule are to acquire the leading tool sets, features, and benefits which have cost-effective solutions that integrate with internal processes for your specific product or service for ultimate user experience.

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What better advantage than to hire a consultant that has formal training on multiple vertical lines of off-the-shelf business solutions with your industry experience. Having the acquired knowledge needed to execute with the best of the best, here are four top online platforms; Webflow, Amazon Seller Central,Shopify Pro, and Squarespace. While Wix is also an option, it's our opinion as of today that it compares to Weebly, WordPress, WooCommerce, and BigCommerce,which are more of a shopping cart feature platform hosting service. The other online marketplace platforms like eBay, Social Media like Facebook Market Place, Instagram, or Craigslist, which still lag the complete solution to seamlessly integrate with most other internal platforms. That said, they do have a place for particular needs and requirements.

·        Webflow

·        AmazonSeller Central  

·        ShopifyPlus

·        Squarespace

It’s amazing how easy it really is to stay ahead of the online selling game, if only designers/developers conducted due diligence on search term keywords;subjective qualifiers and superfluous and abusive or aggressive words. Relevant content is one of the weakest overlooked and most powerful areas to focus yet most don’t spend much time in research to optimize brand, product and service placement. The advantages of securing your brand position is enhanced by optimizing visibility, with flexibility, speed and visual creativity, delivering best customer experience with top-level sales results.

Roy Avila has the technology experience to keep you ahead of the competition.

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