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vDaily Cuisine

July 31, 2020

Roy M. Avila

Technologist - Advisor - Promoter

vDaily Cuisine

A simple and tasty challenge... Calling on chefs around the world how we‘eat healthy, clean, and pain-free'.

Our Mission

Promoting restaurants across the country by providing chefs a way to prepare immediately ready ‘off the menu item’ specials. We’ll coach how to recreate a very own traditional style plate 99% vegetarian at buffet priced for takeout only. There are three ways to enjoy restaurant prepared foods; seated, takeout, catered,and EatsNow - Healthy Style Buffet Priced.

By Definition‘Cuisine Style Vegetarian’

To satisfy the warm-hearted vegetarian or Animanity© like person that abstains from the need to consume animal-like red meat, poultry, seafood, and the flesh of any other creature, eggs, dairy products, and other animal-derived ingredients.

Restaurant Benefits

Chefs don’t have time to review all the food products and ingredients that are on the market, never mind vegan nutrients, products or ingredients. Take the guess out by partnering with a personal assistant Roy Avila. He will get you started by introducing the best vegan food components. We will introduce; protein substitutes that most will have a hard time recognizing the difference, wonderful carbohydrates that are not processed, tasty fats with the best available quality, favorite drinks that are much more attractive for the thirstiest customer,while always having the goal in mind noticeable levels of good vitamins, and minerals. We have sourced and continue to provide the latest products from top vendors, producers, manufacturers with best practice in mind. Our favorite components are endless but here are a few; vMeats, vSeafood, VCheeses, vButters, vEggs, Pasta, and Tasty Bread a necessary staple food prepared from flourless dough. Some great tasty ideas, add-ons for any creative chef’s kitchen.

The Marketing Concept

We do the marketing while you design, create restaurant-style vegetarian cuisines for the healthy-minded, spirited fussy eaters that have no time and budget yet need to eat healthy, clean and pain-free.

Cuisine Style Vegetarian Dinner Pricing (example use only)

Component           Cost            Price

Plate                      $4.75            $7.70

Salad                      $2.25            $3.60

Desert                    $1.20            $2.00

Soft Drink               $0.75            $1.20

Totals                     $9.00            $14.50

Per Person               $14.50 / plus tips

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