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Better Business Practice Guide

STOP WASTING YOUR TIME and get back to business with confidence that you either have or just begun your Better Business Practice Rules.

“Just FIVE years ago, only the most paranoid people/companies used methods of protection their records. There are inexpensive technology for protecting your information and its apparent NOW more than ever.  One of the biggest reasons is everyones connected, due to the “Internet” the nature of modems, personal devices, cameras. open markets, and an increase in network intrusions, not to mention a rising concerns of privacy and identity theft.” ITLNOW

Here’s a limited time offering for a Better Business Practice Guide, “The Essential Guide for 201CMR17.00 Compliance” your full-time compliance officer.

Four Major Components that you DON’T get doing it yourself.

Project Plan

  • Step-by-Step Process (a Project Plan) for creating a Better Business Practice Procedures
  • Managing Costs of Developing a Written Information Security Program
  • Compliance Process to help your limited or no IT Support


  • Process for Certifying Compliance of 3rd-Party Service Providers
  • Better Business Practice Sample Policies and Procedures
  • On-Going Support for Changes in the Regulations*

Risk-Based Analysis

  • Procedure for Locating Personal Information Stored in Electronic and Paper Records?
  • Compliance Advice that is Technology Neutral versus Product Specific
  • Process for Designating an Employee(s) to Maintain your Risk Management

Written Information Security Program

  • Translating the Guide from the Federal Trade Commission (FTC)
  • Links to Resources to Help Solve Complex IT Situations
  • Detailed Procedure for Responding to Breaches

Our Guide helps companies or individuals comply with regulations but enhances their everyday Better Business Practice Procedures with good written documentation.  This guide will help your company not only comply but help streamline your business practice rules which will minimize the need for expensive technology and services minimizing business risk.

Attention special to all companies with less than 20 employees $495.00 (use coupon code: LESS10). Buy Now…. read reviews

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The best advertisement is a satisfied customer, here’s what one company had to say:

“I found the guide to be instrumental in preparing a well thought out WISP.   The guide is user friendly and easy to understand.  It is very important to follow the guide step by step and not skip around.  The guide starts off by informing the reader what the new laws are and what policies and procedures should be in place in order to be compliant.  Next, the guide has you evaluate your organization buy providing multiple checklists.  These checklists were key for me to see where my Company was already in compliance and where we were not.

The guide provides excellent sample letters to various vendors and service providers to assist in retrieving information needed to develop your WISP.  Once I was ready to create our WISP, the guide provides a  Sample WISP that I adjusted to fit our Company.  This guide thought of it all.  There is nothing you will need that is not provided in the guide.“

Note: Interest Rates may apply, based on third part credit checks and approvals. Prices and Rates may change without notice.

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