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Business challenges of keeping up with regulations

Jan 6th, 2014 | By | Category: Law

Today’s business skill sets for small business owners are required to be greater than ever in order to survive. The business rules and challenges are so vast that you almost need a full time person just to keep up with today’s requirements in order to stay in business, not to mention, to stay competitive.

It has come to a point where a company must prioritize the necessary tasks to fulfill the Federal, State and Local requirements.  There is a vast array of options: information is at our fingertips. At times we all believe that with a few clicks of the mouse, or a call to a friend or two, and presto we think we find the answer, and we are done.  Unfortunately, that approach is as deadly as fixing your brakes on your own, at least with today’s automobiles.  It’s too late to find out that you missed something in the process of doing it by themselves. 

There are many startup companies that focused on these regulation topics just to fill the overwhelming requests. These professionals are working hard to assist the small businesses minimize the cost and potential stress and headache of painful unnecessary litigation, not to mention professional embarrassment.

There are many options to choice from with little or no money upfront. One just needs to know where to find the options and how best to use them.  The days of doing it yourself are long gone; left for those who believe we still live in the 80s.  Although much information appears to be FREE on the internet, everything from great music, to excellent books and or products and services, the best way is to hire help. Often that help is just a social meeting place away over a cup of coffee.

The process for BEST PRACTICE in anyone’s business or personal life is to know the optimal technique to use.  Take the FREE approach and see how far you get with it.  Opting for FREE might take someone down a path that ends up costing hard dollars but also your reputation.

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Your business is a reflection of you, and your staff depends on you for their livelihood.  By using best practice rules you end up saving dollars and reallocating your resources to areas that will make you money and save on time and energy. This will help make your workplace a better work experience and a more enjoyable one.

There is one former fortune 500 executive who is now an author that has devoted his time to assist small businesses stay compliant by using best practice rules.  He comes with a vast background of experience and has helped companies deliver products and services that will cost pennies compared to what the big company’s paid, like BankBoston, Prime Computer, and Iron Mountain.

This is just one way to achieve Better Business Practices the less complicated way.  There are companies that help organizations of all sizes develop policies that are as easy as 1 – 2 – 3, but no one believes it.  If there was a guide available where all you have to do is follow the instructions (as easy as reading a short story) and complete a few exercises, doesn’t that make more sense than spending your valuable own time researching how to instead of what to?

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By Roy Avila, ITLNOW

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